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Nov. 6 2010 Halloween 2010

More halloween fun. Parker is gir from Invader Zim. Paulina is in a Twister dress, Eden is Toph from avatar and also is a gypsy. Deann is medusa (look closely for snakes in her hair. Brian is a statue, because ... well ... you know.

Feb. 26 2007 THAT explains a *lot*

Although we've always known, I don't think we actually new. Nike bases (we had one right next door, literally, site D-87) were launch sites for short range tactical nuclear missiles. As a defense option against incoming ICBMs, they were strategically placed in a perimiter pattern around major cities (e.g. Detroit). Check it out: Commerce/Union Lake base. You may need to scroll down a bit.

I was tipped off in an odd sort of way while watching a discovery channel episode about a base in New York, the terms NIKE and base weren't used together, but 1 + 1 = 2. More info: www.nikemissile.org and NIKE Hercules.

Mar. 25 2006 My Life as a Tree

A poem by Paulina, My Life as a Tree

Feb. 28 2006 Dr. Minnebo

If I were an evil genius ... Dr. Minnebo.

Nov. 5 2005 Great kid pics

Just released, see 'em while they are hot. Fall 2005 Kids

Apr. 19 2005 Parker Erupts! The game.

Paulina publishes Parker Erupts the game.

Aug. 12 2004 The camera loves the Park-man

Parker's 08/04 officials

Aug. 12 2004 Pauli Turns 8, Eden turns 4.5

Paulina, Eden and their cakes

Feb. 25 2004 Let it snow ...

Steve can run, but he can't hide :-). New Mexico slammed by winter storm (cnn.com)

Feb. 2 2004 Muskegon Chronicle; Updated 2/10/04

The Muskegon Chronicle writes up Heather's exhibit
(review of show added)

Jan. 23 2004 More PJ pics

More PJ pics are up from around Christmas time 03. Plus, are they real, or are they memorex?

Jan. 22 2004 Heather's two person show

Jan. 14-Feb.27, 2004
Overbrook Gallery
Muskegon Community College

Reception with the artist on January 28, 6:30-7:30 p.m.

Paintings and Prints by Heather Minnebo
Sculptures by Sue Boehme

Dec. 6 2003 Happy bday

Happy birthday Michele

Dec. 4 2003 Happy bday

Happy birthday Steve.

Nov. 20 2003 pics

PJ's pics are online.

Nov. 18 2003 Welcome Parker James

A long awaited welcome to the youngest member of the Minnebo Family, Parker James Minnebo (PJ ?) he was born at 2:04 am on November 18 2003, coming in/out at 7lbs 8oz. Congrats Deann, we knew you could prove the psychic wrong.

The whole family is doing fine. Parker has two older sisters who have been dying to have a little brother to take care of, hopefully he'll be nicer to his sisters growing up than Steven James was :-)

Gramps says the check is on its way.

Oct. 30 2003 more halloween

Pumpkins are carved. Eden's demonstrated a remarkable ability with abstract design.

Oct. 22 2003 halloween

Pics of the Halloween Decoratons are up.

Oct. 22 2003 Qui-Gon

Qui-Gon Jin's corrected Lego Minifig.

Oct. 22 2003 Dinos attack

Dinosaurs attack! Well, one did, anyway.

Oct. 21 2003 Lego trains

Some pics are up of my trains.

Oct. 11 2003 *New* Movie stuff page

Just set up a movie stuff page, nothing fancy, just comments and links.

Oct. 5 2003 Gregg's new floor

Check out Gregg's new floor, the girls have. I guess the walls must have been the same color for too long also... :-)

Aug. 17 2003 Black Out

I survived the Big Blackout! (and all my webmaster gave me was this lame blog entry) Oh yeah, he finally got around to fixing the broken links left over from the great crash of '02.

Jun. 26 2003 Biker Girl

Paulina learns to ride her bike, A neighbor learns to not park in the street.

Dec. 4 2002 Two Things:

Sep. 20 2002 Jungle Cakes

Jungle Cakes are up!

Sep. 2 2002 Eddie's 95th bday

A few of Eddie's 95th birthday pics are up.

It is with sorrow that I announce this. On friday August 30, 2002, Edward Minnebo (born August, 1907) passed away at the age of 95 years. Good luck Eddie on the journey ahead.

Edward, affectionatly known as Ed, Eddie, Dad, Grandpa and Great Gramps, will be missed

Jun. 2, 2000

The minnebo.net epoch!

Minnebo.net is founded on June 2, 2000 as a place for the Minnebo family and friends to have their net presence.