Parker Eruputs (sic) -- the Board Game

Well, I'd always wanted to make a MSG (Miss Super Girl) game. One day at Arbys, my mom and dad started joking about a game called "Parker Erupts". I thought it sounded great, so I took out some cardboard, a pencil, crayons, and a black marker, then I made some cards, and from a lost game, I took out some guys.

We played it a lot. Then my dad said, "Wanna put this game on the internet?" And I said, "Yes!" So, I guess this was great practice, and hopefully I'll make a MSG game someday.

Below is how you can play Parker Eruputs© too.

-- Paulina (4/19/2005)

Game Board
Parker Eruputs Game Board

Preparing to Play Parker Eruputs©

First print page 1 and page 2 of the game board, linked to below. Tape the two sheets together to make the game board.

game board 1    game board 2

The photos we took aren't that clear, until we can make a high resolution scan of the game board, here is a crib sheet of the text on each square

  1. Start
  2. Give P.J. chips, go forward 3 spaces.
  3. Stop!
  4. Parker eats a Polly Pocket, go back 3 spaces
  5. Dirty diaper, go ahead 3 spaces
  6. Take chips away from P.J., go back 5 spaces
  7. Make poor Parker cry, go one space forward
  8. Parker Erupts!
  9. Stop
  10. Leave P.J. in Kitchen, go back 5 spaces
  11. Give P.J. M&Ms, go ahead 6 spaces
  12. Stop
  13. Feed parker, go ahead 12 spaces
  14. Stop
  15. P.J. Pukes, go back 6 spaces
  16. Nap, go ahead 9 spaces
  17. Stop
  18. Yell at poor Parker, go ahead 4 spaces
  19. Stop
  20. Dirty Diaper, go ahead 2 spaces
  21. Spank poor Parker, go 1 space forward
  22. Parker Erupts!
  23. Put Parker in fmaily room, go back 1 space
  24. Stop
  25. Take P.J. shopping, go back 3 spaces
  26. put Parker in the car, go back 9 spaces
  27. Stop
  28. give P.J. bottle, go backk 10 spaces
  29. Nurse Parker, go ahead 7 spaces
  30. Stop
  31. Give Parker chuchie (pacifier), go ahead 5 spaces
  32. yay! go ahead 1 space
  33. Stop
  34. Ahh! go ahead 4 spaces
  35. Put Parker to sleep, go ahead 6 spaces
  36. Stop
  37. yay! go ahead 2 spaces
  38. Parker Erupts!
  39. Stop
  40. Ahh! go back 2 spaces
  41. Cuddle P.J., go ahead 2 spaces
  42. Yay! go ahead 1 space
  43. Stop
  44. You won

Open the cards document linked to below and print it. This document has all the playing cards. After printing it, cut each card out individually. For color, I colored the playing side of each card. On the Back of each card I put the Parker Erupts logo.

There are four each of numbers 1 through 3, and "Parker Erupts!" There are three each of 4 through 12.


For the players, you can use any household objects that fit conveniently on the game board. I suggest you use small coins, like a dime, penny, or nickle. So long as you can tell them apart. We used the game pieces from Clue&trade Jr.

Playing Cards Players
Game Cards Players

How to Play

The game is easy to play, just follow these simple rules.

  1. The game is designed for 1 to 4 players, but if you can keep track what square each player is on, then you can have as many player as you want
  2. Start with the youngest player first, then go clockwise around the board for each player.
  3. When it is a players turn, that player draws a card.
  4. The winner is the first person to reach the end of the game.
  5. It's that simple
  6. For an extra challenge, you can make the move to the last space require an exact number.