My Life as a Tree

A poem, by Paulina Rae Minnebo

I don't want to talk for the writing, but the writing must say
Always that I am a tree, and that I will stay that way.

But one day some boxes came into my field,
that were loaded with things that were all wheeled.

The things were set up all around,
then came a horrible sound.

Animals came! All you can name!
there were Elephants, Monkeys, Lions, and Cranes!

When everything was found where the workers liked it,
they began to chit!
They began to chat! And finally, to my surprise,
a great sign came up before my eyes!

Was this some sort of carnival? yes, it must be true!
because all sorts of people were now walking through!

Then a little girl ran over to me,
and said, "oh what a beautiful tree!
I will name you Harry!"

Harry! oh, what a nice name!
I'd love to watch all the shows and games.

The little girl sat down beside me,
then began to write in a little diary.

When she was done writing in her book,
she sat in between the roots in a little nook.

Fireworks shot up in the sky,
and then I started to cry.
This was the best day I have ever had,
andthat's why I was getting so darn sad.

All the things were taken away,
but I still remember to this day.
The little girl and her book,
who sat down in my root nook.