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Oct. 14 2003 crouching tiger

Caught Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon last night on TNT (or TBS). Hmm. Not bad. I think I would've enjoyed it better with subtitles and in wide screen. The flying-fu left me flat, but the rest was great. Gotta dig that chow yun fat ("Replacement Killers" ruled). Maybe I should check out anna and the king too.

Oct. 11 2003 Kill Bill redux

So I've had a chance to sleep on and digest Kill Bill. Wow, highly recommended. A must see for all men, and most women too. It kicked the crap out of me and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Best thing I've seen all year, which includes X2, Matrix rehashed, Pirates, Bad Boys, and Mexico (the top five until now. I think rehashed will get the boot.


Oct. 10 2003 Kill Bill

Just saw Kill Bill (w/corey), holy crap (takes deep breath).